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The Advance Team Night!

The Advance Team Night out!

As a reward for such a successful first half year to 2017, we surprised the whole Advance team (and our mini Advance team members) with an evening of activities followed by a lovely team dinner and a few surprises along the way!

With only a field, a blindfold, a 4x4 vehicle and a giant jigsaw at hand, it would push the driving and navigator skills of the team. Especially for those in the team without a driving licence and the one who is a professional driver 'Ross' the pressure was on to win.

We took part in blindfold 4x4 driving in teams of 2, which involved plenty of shouting left and right while the blindfolded driver put their trust in their colleague to guide them quickly around the course without so much of a hint of touching the tyres!

Shall we say with lots of giggles, cheering and a few words to be repeated we had our winning team! Well done Darren and Louise.

The giant jigsaw task (once we had memorized the bits and made a plan) was a breeze and completed in under 42 seconds...just showing what a brilliant close team we all are at Advance!

The night would not be complete without a tasty meal nearby, not to forget the mini Advance awards and bubbly for everyone!!!